Career Development Plan - I Want To Be A Dancer But.....

by Stacey

Career Development Plan - I Want To Be A Dancer But.....

Hello, My name is Stacey. I am seventeen and can tell you two things that have been infinitely true throughout my life; I have always danced and loved it, and I have always been overweight. Seemingly so, the two clash. I am not cocky, but I know I have the talent and strength to go on pointe and I know I would be wonderful at it. I quit dance a few months ago because my teacher informed me I had to lose weight to get on pointe, which I have tried vigoursly to do. I've lost some pounds but am still too heavy to be on pointe. My one goal in life seems to be slipping away. The worst is that all of my dance teachers have told me I have real talent and they all see how much I love it. I think that's what holds me back; the fact that something so trivial is keeping me from dancing on pointe. I just want some type of hope that if I keep losing weight I won't be too old to at least get on pointe, if nothing else. It seems obviously too late to become a dancer for a career, but is it already too late for my dream?


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Hi Stacey,
Thanks for your message, I can feel your love and hope for dance just through your words.

It is NEVER too late to pursue something that you so desperately want. Somehow, you can live that dream even if it is just by small fraction of what you want.

I have to say though, why did you quit dance altogether? Correct me if I misunderstood. But you can still dance, even if it is not on pointe! I know pointe is something you long for, but you can strive for this in years to come as well.

If you love dance so much, the satisfaction of just dancing will bring great joy to you. Also, if you hope to dance on pointe one day then you absolutely need to keep taking ballet classes. This will not only progress to give you a greater chance of beginning pointe, but also help keep your body in top shape.

I am sure you are well educated on how to loose the weight, but remember to drink lots of water and green tea is great too. Whatever happens, don't go get drastically focused on your weight that you loose confidence or slip into unhealthy habits.

There are adult beginner pointe classes at many dance schools, so don't be discouraged - it really is never too late.

Best wishes,

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