Career Development Plan - How should I begin dancing ballet?

by Bianka

Career Development Plan - How should I begin dancing ballet?

Hello Odette,
I'm Bianka from Hungary, just turned 16, and since last year I'm really into dance, especially ballet! The thing is, I don't have money to attend classes, I would even have to pay for travel because there's no ballet class in my area... And well travel would take time too. I started stretching and learning basic movements at home, but there are so many things on the internet and I'm not sure what is really good. I'm thinking about making a plan starting right now, with a big change so I can be better. My question is how should I start to build it all up? I want to make a change in what I eat too, because I know dancers mustn't eat rubbish. What do dancers eat? And how? What exercises should I do?
I hope you find time to answer, and thanks for this site!
Best possible wishes,


Reply by Odette
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Hello Bianka,
Thanks for your message it's great to hear from you. I'm pleased to discover your new passion for ballet and I'm glad you found my website.

I must say, it would be difficult to teach yourself ballet and progress forward without any classes. I know there are hundreds of pages online about ballet and many videos on YouTube, which will all help you learn about dance. Yet to grasp the basics positions and exercises in ballet should really be explained properly by a teacher before you begin practising by yourself.

I would love to help you build up your dancing and can take you straight to a few pages on my website here to help you now -

Ballet Positions - Learn the essentials

Ballet Video - To Strengthen Your Dancing

Abs Workout - For Your Core Stability in Ballet

It's great you have the energy and ideas to build up your dancing by yourself, but it would be even better if you were able to go to even just a few classes. Perhaps you could research any scholarships or funding ballet schools may have for you to take classes? Or look for sponsors to help you afford the classes?

In general, ballet dancers eat healthy and balanced foods but they do also allow themselves treats too. I love to snack on fruits and nuts, as well as including plenty of vegetables and protein with my meals to look after my body for ballet.

If you really want to see what it takes to become a dancer, then look at my new eBook
"7 Virtues of a Professional Ballet Dancer". It is my own guidebook to help you reach your goals in ballet and help give you the qualities you need for dancing.

Best wishes,

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