Career Development Plan - Tips to improve

by Bess

Career Development Plan - Tips to improve

Can I really be any good after 5 years? I am a 15 year-old who is getting back into ballet classes. I was in classes from age 3 until 10. Is there even a chance that I could be good? And are there any tips that you have for me to get better?


Reply by Odette

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Hello Bess,

Thank you for your query, it is lovely to hear from you.

Those early years of ballet training will hugely benefit you with getting back into ballet classes. The technique of ballet will be in your muscle memory, so you already have a head start.

Along with the physical ability, it is absolutely crucial to be mentally prepared for becoming successful in ballet. It highly depends on your self-motivation to how you succeed in being a good ballet dancer. There are tips for you in my Seven Secrets, on the 'Seven Secrets of Ballet' page. These secrets will give you the key answers of how to thrive in the ballet world.

It takes a lot of committed training to become a good ballet dancer, so in order to get better, you have to be patient with yourself. Ballet is something where you need time to develop and gradually improve on an all round basis.

My main tips to improve would be to put all your energy into each ballet class and always work 110%. Also write down your corrections so you that you can continually progress in each class. Pilates is also very beneficial for improving your core strength and will secure your stability in ballet.

Push your mind and body to the limit, and you will see an improvement!

All the best,


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