Career Development Plan - How do I fulfill the dream?

by Beth
(England, Kent)

Career Development Plan - How do I fulfill the dream?: -

Hi im Beth, and im 14, I weigh about 7 stone and have been dancing all my life. I attend a reasonable dance school where ballet is not the main priority, I love ballet and really enjoy the freedom but also the discipline side of the sport.
I've always wanted to be "amazing" like ballerinas I see on TV or in theatres and I hate it that I will never get to be that good, or live that dream.
However, I am determined to live the dream at a basic level and was wondering how I can show that I am ambitious about ballet and how what can I do to really improve?
Please reply(:


Reply by Odette

To:- Career Development Plan - How do I fulfill the dream?

Hi Beth

Thank you for writing to me, you'll be happy to know you've come to the right place.

I really do follow what you're saying and I want to do my best to give you some of my top advice.

My website is full of guidance and direction on how to become a successful dancer. I really urge you to have a good search through the site as there's lots of valuable information which will be useful to you.

Definitely take a look at my Career Development Plan.

And I truly recommend you reading the Seven Secrets ..... go to my 'Seven Secrets of Ballet' page. I spent a lot of time writing these secrets to motivate young dancers, like you, and give them some real mentoring. It will definitely be a great help to you.

Ok so firstly, I absolutely love your drive and ambition. It sounds as if you are really passionate about ballet and I believe that is the core to a dancer.... no dancer can be amazing if they don't have the passion! You have to love dancing and do it for yourself. Do it because it's what you enjoy.

Second of all, be happy as it sounds as if you're in an ideal place right now - your still young, at a good dance school, have a great mind set and not forgetting an incredible passion for ballet. There's a lot of potential there!

It's good to have a dream, something that keeps you motivated and ambitious.

It's easy to get disheartened by watching all those "amazing" ballerinas. But they had to start somewhere too right? ... so don't be so hard on yourself! What you need to remember is you have time.

Ballet is definitely something where you need that time to develop and gradually improve on an all round basis. With all dancers there's nothing they can suddenly do which will instantly transform them into some great professional.... it's a gradual process of hard work and training, you can't rush it.

But what you can do is work your hardest by pushing yourself in ballet classes, remembering all your corrections and using your teachers to guide you. Teachers come in very handy! They tell you what to focus on and which areas you mostly need to improve.

You can show you're ambitious about ballet by telling your ballet teacher what you've said to me. She should then be able to guide you into the right direction. Also, do your parents know how you feel? Your parents may also be able to support you.

Depending on your ability, it's not to late to audition for vocational dance schools. There are many ballet schools around the UK which take in dancers to pursue their dream.

At a vocational school students train up until they are 18 and then venture off to find a job to make their dream a reality. You're only 14 so it's not too late.

Keep following your heart and keep that great passion you have!

Keep me updated with how you're getting on. If there's anything else I can do, Odette is always here to help!

By making a Career Development Plan this can help you fulfill your dream!

All the best,


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