Career Development Plan - Is this too much ballet training, too soon?

by LaLaBoo

Career Development Plan - Is this too much ballet training, too soon?

Hello, Odette!
I am a 12 year old girl who really loves ballet! I started just one year ago, doing 3 hours a week. Then I quit for a term (I was moving ballet schools) and restarted in Term 3. In Term 3 and Term 4 I did 1 hour per week. My ballet teacher sent me to an audition for a ballet school (a really good one!) I got in to both full and part time. Next year I am doing part-time which, in my case, is 11 hours and 45 minutes per week:O
Of course, not 100% of it is ballet. There is a bit of contemporary in there and some spanish (I am pretty sure) and pre-pointe (lots of it!) I am not en pointe yet, and I probably won't be until Term 2/3/4 of this year.) I am really excited about doing this much dance per week. It does mean I have to miss one half day of school and a bit in the afternoon (we have to get to class and back by bus.) Before school starts I have about 21ish hours of ballet :O
I am VERY excited, except I can't help wondering, is this too much, too soon?

P.S: If I didn't do this it would be 1 hour of ballet, 30 mins pre-pointe and 30 mins contemporary...

Thank you, Odette!


Reply by Odette
To:- Career Development Plan - Is this too much ballet training, too soon?

Thank you for your message, it's really great to hear from you. I love how you are so passionate abour ballet. What's more is you will soon get the chance to develop your potential even more with your classes.

Your schedule of dance will clearly be very busy, but if it is what you want then I don't see a problem at all. Your hours of dancing will increase a lot compared to what you were used to, so I would advise to pace yourself and listen to how your body feels. I expect you will feel more tired, especially at first, but look after yourself by getting enough sleep and eating well.

Mainly, enjoy it! It sounds like you are exited and ready to burst with energy, so I think you will be fine. Keep in touch though and let me know how you are getting on with the increased training.

When I was 12, I also took on full time training at a vocational dance school so I know how it feels to be dancing a lot. I also had a mixture of classes as well as ballet like character dance, contemporary and even some gymnastics.

Take each day as it comes and stay focused in every class. Keep working hard and believe in yourself!

Best wishes,

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