Career Development Plan - Ballet Dreams Slowing Fading

by Heather
(England )

Career Development Plan - Ballet Dreams Slowing Fading

Hi Odette!
Since I was 3 years old I have been dancing ballet and I have loved it. I had been going to the same dance school for 11 years and have only just realised that the school is a joke and more of a social event than a ballet class. The steps were so simple and half of them were made up aswell as the levels. I feel like I wasted 11 years of my life going to the same school and that the hope of being a ballerina has been shattered. I have now recently moved to a much better school but everything is new even though its still ballet, I don't even know the basic barre work. I'm working so hard to keep up with everyone but they have all been doing this alot longer and know like the back of their hands. Should I just give up? Is this just a fantasy taht will never come true?



Reply by Odette

To:- Career Development Plan - Ballet Dreams Slowing Fading

Hello Heather,

Thank you for contacting me, it is great to hear from you and I hope I can help.

Firstly, please think more positive!!! I am being very true in saying this, as negative thoughts can bring your feelings down even further and stop you from progressing. It is too easy to let these thoughts control your mind, but you must have a positive attitude towards ballet. Positivity will boost your confidence and help you improve. It will take time and patience to adjust your thoughts, but aim to be positive.

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Never feel like you have wasted your life, as everything you do is a learning experience. Even if you feel you would have liked to not been there so long, feel positive now that you have made the decision to move to a better school. It is never too late to make a change.

It is completely normal that you feel abit overwhelmed at your new school. You are with new people, new teachers, new building ... of course it will take time for you to settle. But do not give up. You have the ability to keep working hard and you will catch up with everyone. Soon you will be the one who knows the steps and you will probably start seeing new dancers who felt exactly the same as you!

You must have determination and belief in yourself. Never let yourself give up. We all have a dream and we all have fantasy. Whether that dream will come true is a question no one but yourself will know, but you have to keep pushing yourself to strive towards that goal.

Best wishes,


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