Career Development Plan - Passion For Dance

Career Development Plan - Passion For Dance

My name is alythia defrance and i am 15 years old. I have never really had much professional experience in any form of dance although my passion is hip hop/ street dance, i have grown a love for ballet, jazz, everything over the past year! i just cant picture my life without dance, it is so important to me and gets me through some pretty tough times. i really want to be a dancer when i leave school and i am doing everything possible to make my dream come true, but i am scared of what i am up against. some poeple who have been dancing for their whole life in an actual studio, with real teachers, who are so privaleged, im not sure i will be good enough. But i am staying positive :) thankyou for this website it has been a temendous help :D


Career Development Plan - Passion For Dance

Reply by Odette

Hello Alythia,

Thank you for contacting me, it is a pleasure to hear from you.

I can give you the information that you need to progress to the next level. The secret to success is mental discipline as well as physical ability. Along with the three physical secrets, the Seven Secrets, on the 'Seven Secrets of Ballet' page, will give you the key answers of how to thrive in the dance world.

It is encouraging to hear your passion for dance. Your love and enthusiasm is very valuable in dancers, as it is something that comes from within and can never be taught. To have drive and determination is a worthy aspect for all aspiring dancers.

I understand everything you are saying and it is excellent that you are learning to stay positive. It is easy to let your worries or doubts hold you back, but you need to acknowledge these fears and take action to resolve them.

It is true that the competition in the dance world is very tough, as you rightly say, many dancers have had the advantage of training at vocational dance schools.

Now that you are aware of this challenge and if you are determined to become a professional dancer, then you need to build up a realistic plan to how you can make this happen. Do you family support your dream too? Have you got a teacher that believes in your potential? Is there a school you can train more seriously at?

These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself to make your dreams come true. It is crucial to follow the right steps if you want to become a professional dancer. If you are determined to fulfill your dreams in ballet, then follow the personal development plan which are the gradual stages to becoming a professional dancer.

Always remember your true passion for dance. It is very special.

Stay in touch.

Best Wishes,


ps. To become the best dancer you can be, learn the Seven Secrets ..... go to my 'Seven Secrets of Ballet' page

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by: Anonymous

Hey odette,
thankyou so much for your reply, i appreciate everything you are telling me and the 2 people who are supporting my dancing is my mum and my sister. My mum is now sending me for a hip hop class at studio 24 in canningvale every monday where i am also assisting teaching now :) it is so exciting because im assisting David Mueller! ( a dancer who has just finished his dancing course at WAAPA)i really want to do more classes but i cant afford it so im still dancing in my room :P these past few months havent been easy as i had depression but i am overcoming it through dance. Dance i feel expresses evey emotion in me from my eyes to my heart.I am also trying to stay positive.thanks again odette :)

getting there
by: Anonymous


Everything is going to plan and I am a teacher, assistant teacher, retail worker to pay for my fees, finishing year 12, and I am also competiting in Mandurah, penrhos and st marys competitions!
I have a WAAPA audition on November 26th this year and I am also applying for a teaching degree at TAFE or ECU.
everything seems to be going as planned and ive got my fingers crossed!

Alythia :)

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by: Odette

Hello Alythia,
Thank you so much for keeping me in touch, it is great to hear from you. I am very pleased with your progress and it sounds very positive for you. Keep determined and believe in yourself, then you will find your way!
Best wishes, Odette

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