Career Development Plan - Training Weekly

Career Development Plan - Training Weekly

Hi, I am currently taking R.A.D ballet in a average sized city. I get 2 classes/week and each class is a hour. Is this enough to make it in a career for a ballerina. I also take many other classes and dance about 6.5 hours/week. This is as much training I can get from any dance studio in the city. Can I make a career out of this?


Career Development Plan - Training Weekly

Reply by Odette


Thank you for contacting me, it is a pleasure to hear from you.

It is beneficial that you are taking R.A.D ballet classes, as the syllabus has the correct focus and discipline for dancers who want to take ballet more seriously. It sounds like you are doing a considerate amount of training, yet I would advice you to discuss your curiosity with you teacher to whether you can make a career out of your current classes. If you are serious about becoming a professional dancer then you need to think about where the best place is for you to train, study and learn.

The process to become a professional ballet dancer is very extensive and dancers do have to train rigorously each day for years to develop the strength that's required for ballet. It takes a lot of committed training in order to become a professional which is why most dancers go to train at vocational dance schools for their early years. These schools are located around the world and offer training for young aspiring dancers from the early age of 11 right up until they are 18.

It is highly beneficial that you are studying many other styles of dance as this will open many options for you in terms of becoming a professional dancer. It is best to have as much versatility as possible for aspiring dancers.

Becoming a professional dancer isn't just reliant on the amount of training, it greatly depends other factors too such as your motivation and focus. It is crucial to follow the right steps if you want to become a professional dancer. If you are determined to fulfill your dreams in ballet, then follow the personal development plan which are the gradual stages to becoming a professional dancer.

I can give you the information that you need to progress to the next level. The secret to success is mental discipline as well as physical ability. Along with the three physical secrets, the Seven Secrets, on the 'Seven Secrets of Ballet' page, will give you the key answers of how to thrive in the ballet world.

Best Wishes,


ps. To become the best dancer you can be, learn the Seven Secrets ..... go to my 'Seven Secrets of Ballet' page

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