Career Development Plan - Energy to Keep Dancing?

by Grace
(Miramar, Florida)

Career Development Plan - Energy to Keep Dancing?

Hi Odette!
I loooooooove dancing and I want to be a dancer when I grow up. However, I am often really tired and feel "dead" at dance class... I sleep every second I can but doing homework until midnight and waking up at 6:45 to go to school leaves me with very little time. As soon as I get home, I go to dance. What can I do to stay awake during dance class?


Reply by Odette
To:- Career Development Plan - Energy to Keep Dancing?

Dear Grace,

Thank you for contacting me, it is a pleasure to hear from you. It is really important to have enough sleep as a dancer, because this hugely affects your energy levels and progress in class. If you are tired, your body and mind can not function to its best. Therefore, you won’t be able to give 100% focus to your dancing.

I understand you have a very busy schedule, but somehow you should try and find time to fit in some more sleep at night. It is important to do this, otherwise you could find yourself getting over tired and over worked. Talk it through with your parents too, as they may be able to help you figure out how you can fit everything in and still manage to get enough sleep.

I know it I hard, as when I was younger I also remember going to and from dance classes as well as trying to keep on top of all your homework. But you must keep a balance of everything, also relaxing time. At the weekends try and find time to relax and have some fun too!

A lot of young dancers who commit more and more to dance can find their lives becoming very busy, which is why a lot of dancers train at vocational dance schools. These schools provide regular, intense training to become a professional yet also include academic studies. The timetable allows for both, because the students mostly board at the school which means they don’t have to travel to and from.

It can be hard to think of living away from home, but many young dancers do this in order to follow their dream to become a dancer.

Also make sure you are eating a well, balanced diet as this can also affect your energy levels. Provide yourself with enough carbohydrates and have lots of fruit and vegetables too. Drink lots of water and green tea is good for you too.

Best wishes,


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