Career Development Plan - Ballerina Body

by I want to be a Prima Ballerina

Career Development Plan - Ballerina Body

Will my bust affect my chances of becoming a Prima Ballerina with a company? I am 14, 5'31/2" and wiegh 93 lbs. (I know I wiegh alot, but most of my wieght is my muscle)Everyone tells me that I have the perfect body...
But I dont think so, every time I look in the mirror all I see are how big my boobs are! My waist is 22 inch... and the widest point on my hips (around my butt) is 30, my butt is pretty flat... but my chest is not! IT SUCKS... my bust is 28 in. around and right underneath my bust (my ribs) is 25 in. I am a B cup... and all ballerina's I see are flat chested... I have one of the biggest chests at my studio... yet I am one of the skinniest girls! Will companies not want me?
Am I too curvy? I really want breast reduction surgery... but they say It is dangerous if your boobs arent unhealthly big.
SO I was reading about dieting and they specialist say that the first place on your body to get smaller when on a diet is your boobs! So I was also wondering what kind of diet could help me loose 10 lbs fast?
What is a nice ballerina diet?
SOOOO basically I'm asking:

1. What is Ballerina Diet that would help me loose wieght

2. And can a Ballerina still suceed with the perfect body BUT not flat chested (b cup in my case)

Thanks Please Respond as SOON as possible!


Reply by Odette

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Thank you for your query.

Body image as a dancer is a very conscious element, but dancers have to remember they are also athletes. You have to be strong and lean with a considerable amount of energy.

Perhaps consider seeking a nutritionist if you are looking for a specific diet plan for you. Particularly dance or sports nutritionists are very beneficial, as they will work individually with you to find a solution for your needs.

It is almost too easy to get overly obsessed with your body. I strongly advise not to do anything drastic or extreme with your diet.

I would suggest you to eat a healthy, balanced diet full of nutritious foods. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, complex carbohydrates, whole grains and lean proteins. Drink plenty of water too.

Ballerina's are not always completely flat chested, we are women too so you have to remember not to strive for an unhealthy or unrealistic body image.

Who is your favourite ballerina? Think about why you love them? - is it their body.... or the way they dance? The emphasis is not always just on body image.

All the best,


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