Career Development Plan - Too Old to Start at 21?

by Sham-ath Ibrahim
(Male', Maldives)

Career Development Plan - Too Old to Start at 21?

Hi, I am 21 year old maldivian girl who loves to dance. I have always been awed by the beauty and grace of ballet, but never got the chance to try it since there are no ballet schools or studios here in the Capital City of Male'.
I have good build and structure for the basic ballerina figure, (im five foot too, lean and slender). I do hiphop as a hobby, as well as a bit of modeling, but I have never taken gymnastics so I have issues with my flexibility. Turn out is a must for ballet. Is it too old to start?
I have 4 inches to touch my torso to the ground from my side splits, but about a foot for my centre splits.
my upper body is very flexible. The only problem I have with flexibility is my legs.
I have high stamina, and do regular exercises. Please tell me if its a good idea to do ballet stretches for turn out, and how to make them more successful.




Reply by Odette

to Career Development Plan - Too Old to Start at 21?


Thank you for contacting me it is a pleasure to hear from you.

It is valuable that you appreciate the beauty of ballet, as ballet can bring such happiness for your own well-being and even watching ballet can bring the same sense of pleasure.

You seem to understand the mechanics of a ballet dancer and it is good that you keep your options open with hip hop and modelling.

Ballet dancing is a career that has to be started at a young age in order to fulfil all the stages of the career. For example, a dancer's aim is to have their first job in a ballet company by the age of 18 or 19 so there is time to develop through the ranks of a company and reach the top of a principal dancer.

Of course it is never too late to start ballet as a hobby and for your own enjoyment. Ballet can give you so many options, you can meet wonderful people and experience wonders at the theatre.

To help improve your turn out, you can stretch gently in 'frogs' position to help loosen the muscles. Always remember, turn out initiates from the glutes (the backs of the legs). Focus on working very physically by using these muscles to the maximum in order to sustain turn out.

Best Wishes


ps. To become the best dancer you can be, learn the Seven Secrets ..... go to my 'Seven Secrets of Ballet' page

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