Career Development - Is there any hope for ballet dancers in small town?

by Noëlle

Career Development - Is there any hope for ballet dancers in small town?

I've grown up in ballet, like so many others. It's been a lot of work, but everything is worth it. I'm sixteen years old now, and I know this is what I want to do with my life. When I was thirteen, I stopped dance for half a year. This is how I learned that not only can I not live without it, but it is what I want with my life.

This is where my issue lies. I live in a small, no: microscopic town in the United States. It's upsetting that the only form of training I have access to is a recreational studio. It's not your true just for fun studio, there isn't any hip hop, arcro, or anything like that. However, it is what it is. Girls we're t-shirts and shorts into ballet class which is only once a week. One hour of ballet, then thirty minuets of pointe work. (In addition to this; I also have tap, jazz, contemporary, ect.. Classes. But I know those aren't as really important.)

I am the oldest girl at the studio by two years. There just isn't anyone like me near the area. No one wants the classes. There isn't an interest for it here. It's crushing that this is all I really have to say I do.

What should I do? Is there anything I can do? With each day, I know that I'm falling more and more behind other girls who have access to better instruction.

I don't just want to be a professional dancer, I have to be. There isn't anything else in the world I could do. Regardless of what you tell me I can't do, I'm still going to try. Even if I know I can't make it. That's just the way it is. However; knowing what I'm standing against would be the hugest help.

Thank you <3

Reply by Odette
To: - Career Development - Is there any hope for ballet dancers in small town?

Hello Noëlle,
Thank you for your message, I must say I'm blown away by your determination for ballet. Since you have such a drive to become a professional, you need to be aware how tough it is to reach the level of a professional. You need to have such a strong will, because there are lots of ups and downs which can make you want to give up. Every dancer has there different obstacles to overcome, whether it your circumstances or ability, and sometimes it is out of your hands to whether you can become a dancer as its not always in your control.

Since your location is the biggest obstacle for you right now, I advise looking at attending professional summer schools or courses that will allow you to train more intensely for a week and give you a taster of professional life both as a student and professional. You want to look at an institution which is at a professional standard and already connected to a vocational dance school or ballet company. You can see my
Ballet Companies list for more info on places around the world.

Obviously, the sort of training and opportunities you need will take money, talent and of course the support of your family. Even though you love ballet and the passion often takes over your mind, you do also have to think logically of how you can make it happen and what you must do in order to fulfill this goal of yours.

I've written an eBook especially on this topic you need advice on called "7 Virtues of a Professional Ballet Dancer". It's made up of the most important obstacles you need in order to become a professional and will give you the guidance you need to make something of your passion for ballet.

Never forget the importance of your family in reaching your dreams.

Best wishes,

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