Career Development Plan - Ballet adult beginner

by mirna aziz

Career Development Plan - Ballet adult beginner

i'm 17 years old and i'm going to start my ballet course the next month but i don't want to do it as a hobby i want to be professional but most people tell me it's impossible i know it's so difficult but i will do anything just to be a great ballerina ,do you think it's possible ?


Reply by Odette
To: - Career Development Plan - Ballet adult beginner

Hello mirna,

Thank you for your message it's great to hear from you. If you look at the personal development plan you will see there are very specific stages a ballerina must go through in order to become a professional. Your age is a key factor in this process and many dancers think to themselves, is it too late? Because you must be aware most ballerinas reach a professional from the ages of 18 or 19. Therefore, their training has already taken places in their younger years so they are ready to start their career.

I hope you understand this and you may find time will not work in your favour if you wish to become a ballerina now. However, I encourage you to read my eBook section "Virtue 6: Time" , where you can see more clearly about the stages of a ballerina.

Best wishes,

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