Career Development Plan - Can I still become professinal?

by lisa

Career Development Plan - Can I still become professional?: -

Hi! My name is Lisa and I am in love with ballet. The thing is, I turned 12 this april and have been feeling to old and awful. My mother agreed to sign me up for 5 classes a week for starting and I'm really flexible but I still doubt myself. Like I don't have a ballet dancers body and what not, can I still become a professional? Ballet is the love of my life! Thank you!


Reply by Odette

To:- Career Development Plan - Can I still become professional?

Hi Lisa!

It's very encouraging to hear from such young, enthusiastic and passionate dancers! Thank you!

If you haven't already, I truly recommend you reading the Seven Secrets ..... go to my 'Seven Secrets of Ballet' page. These secrets hold a lot of valuable information that will make a positively big difference to your whole approach to ballet.

Also, definitely take a look at my career development plan page. This page carefully goes through the details for young talented dancers, like you, on how to pursue their dream ballet profession.

Firstly, you have no need to feel old and awful! You are 12 - young and eager! 12 is the ideal age for dancers to start training properly and build up the strength that is required. At a vocational school students start training from the early age of 11 right up until they are 18. Ballet is something where you need to use all that time to develop and gradually improve on an all round basis.

That is great your mum is getting you a lot of classes. Professional dancers train vigorously for many years so if you are serious about becoming a professional then you really need to commit to those classes and work your absolute hardest.

Don't doubt yourself but strive for more. Determination, confidence and self-belief is a huge part to success in a ballet career.

Ballet dancers do have a lean, athletic and strong body. This all comes with intense training and gradual development. The body can develop with your training as you continue to work the right muscles. During your classes you'll be training the body and the muscles. Always work for length elongating all your muscles.

There are things you can do to enhance the chance of getting that athletic body. Here are some optional suggestions - Eat heathy and choose sufficient foods for energy. Push your body during the classes. Do aerobic exercises outside of classes to build fitness and stamina. Pilates can also help with strengthening the core and toning muscles.

I hope my answers have solved some of your queries. Always remember that love you have for ballet - it's crucial!

If there is anything else I can help with feel free to ask me - keep in touch!

All the best


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