Career Development Plan - Auditioning for Vocational Schools

by DanceIsMyLifee X
(Oxford, Bucks, England)

Career Development Plan - Auditioning for Vocational Schools

Will I be Disadvantaged Auditioning for a Vocational School at 16 and which ones?! I am 14 and interfoundation in cechetti ballet and have been doing pointe a year. I have done cechetti associates and have done cechetti scholars for 2 years now. It is my absolute dream to be a ballerina and i think i could make it. I really want to go to a vocational school and have started looking in to it but my mum wont let me go until I'm16. Will i be disadvantaged? Please answer honestly.
Also which schools should i audition for? Please give me some names (for England). Thanks XXXX


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Thank you for contacting me with your queries, you have a clear focus of what you want which is very encouraging.

It sounds as if you are at a good level with your training with your cechetti classes. This higher intensity level of training will give you a greater chance of getting into a vocational school.

It is common in England for dancers to enter a vocational dance school at the age of 16. Most vocational dance schools consist of a lower school and then at the age of 16 the dancers join onto the upper school. These upper schools expect a secure technique and have a very professional approach, so the competition is high to get into these schools.

You would train at the upper school for 3 years so there is still time to develop as a dancer within this time. You will not be at a disadvantage if you join at 16, depending on your worth ethic and how you improve, you could have as just higher chance of getting a job after those 3 years as any of the other girls on your year.

I know many dancers from my time who joined a vocational dance school at 16, and once they were in the school they had no disadvantages whatsoever. It highly depends on your self-motivation to how you succeed.

Along with the physical ability, it's absolutely crucial to be mentally prepared. Read my Seven Secrets ..... go to my 'Seven Secrets of Ballet' page which will definitely be a great help to you.

When it comes for auditioning for schools, go for as many as possible because the more choice you have the better. Also, the audition experience will be a great learning journey.

Ballet is a very competitive art form and always remember there are so many different options. I would suggest you audition for more all-rounded dance schools too, such as in contemporary or musical theatre. I know ballet is your passion, but it is always best to keep your options open as you never know how you'll feel or what might happen.

Here are some top dance schools in England I would suggest you audition for-

The Royal Ballet School (London)

Elmhurst School for Dance (Birmingham)

English National Ballet (London)

Central School of Ballet (London)

Northern Ballet School (Manchester)

Rambert School (London)

Laines Theatre Arts (Surrey)

Read the Audition Tips which can prepare you for your forthcoming auditions.

Keep in touch!


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