Audition Tips for Dancers
Top Tips for Success

Need some audition tips to get you prepared? You've come to the right place. Listen carefully and you'll be the stand-out dancer at your audition.

Ballet dancing is a competitive world. There are many young dancers around the world reaching for the same goal, so you need to stand out from the crowd and show your dancing potential.

Auditions always bring the nerves out in every dancer.

To start with, you must learn how control your nerves and not panic in auditons.

Without the adrenaline, you would miss out on the extra enery that these butterflies can bring.

You can ask any questions at the bottom of this Audition Tips Page‏.

In all auditions, dancers need to think about both their technical and performance skills. It is always a crucial factor to have a strong and stable technique, yet it is just as important to have performance quality.

Get a ballet dance lesson in Technical Skills

Find out the Performance Skills when dancing ballet

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Ballerinas are very driven and always remain determined. Every successful dancer would have experienced the tough process of auditions. I am sure they would all tell you to never give up and believe in yourself.

You will be surprised at how the teachers watching you in an audition will all look for similar things. These audition tips are key to making the most out of your audition -

Audition Tips

1. Enjoy!

The panel want to like you and see your love of dance!

2. Be yourself. 

Dance with your whole body, not just your legs, and show your personality with a passion for dance.

3. Go for it!

Do not avoid unfamiliar steps or exercises, but show your fighting spirit by trying.

4. Don't panic.

A minor mistake will not jeopardize your chances. Forget it, move on and stay focused on each exercise.

Along the way to become a successful dancer, there are many dance auditions to reach the top. If you can grasp the audition tips and prepare well for each audition you will soon become the one to get chosen.

Pay attention at all times and do not be afraid to ask questions if you are unsure about a step or a combination. Show them that you are a leader and stand at the front. Be confident!

No matter how what sort of audition it is, they can all be intimidating. Even professional ballet dancers in ballet auditions still get nervous.

People like to watch dancers who love what they do. You must try to show your enjoyment for dance and let your passion shine through.

Nearly all auditions have a very competitive atmosphere and can be quite nerve-racking. But do not loose faith in yourself, keep believing and stay positive.

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