Audition Tips - Ballet Dancers Auditions

Audition Tips - Ballet Dancers Auditions

I am trying out for Middle Georgia Youth Ballet this Friday. And I was new to my studio this year. My dance teacher holds back in ballet anyone who is new and so I got held back because I was new. And it really sucks. I have to do things I've already learned years ago because I guess they move slower at this studio. But I never get to be with my friends or challenge myself and learn new things. She didn't hold me back in pointe or jazz so JM in the class I'm supposed to be in those. But the class I'm supposed to be in is leaning fouettes, grand patascha's, and more that I know how to do but need practice on. But in my ballet class we don't do any of those things. And at the auditions I'm almost positive they will make us do fouettes and grand patascha's. and I never get to practice them because I don't have a dance teacher to correct me. And the ballet class I got held back to doesnt do the auditions. (By the way I didn't get held back because of my ability... It's because my dance teacher holds back every new student in Ballet class. She wouldn't be letting me try out for middle Georgia youth ballet if that was the reason.) tips?
Thank you for all the help you can give me! By the way I am 12 years old in 6th grade!


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Thanks for your message, it's great to hear from you. I'm sorry if you have already too late if you have aleady tried for the Middle Georgia Youth Ballet, but still I hope I can give you some quality advice for your situation generally as a young ballet dancer.

Well, I am pleased to hear your determination and it is clear you take ballet very seriously, so I know it must mean a lot to you. I can understand it must frustrate you slightly to be held back because you are new, but I also know what this feels like! When I first joined a ballet company at aged 19, even though I was now a trained professional, I still felt slightly held back along with my other new friends that joined because we were new.

It is hard when you join a new place and there are already lots of dancers who are used to the style, teachers and way of dancing in that certain place. Yet it takes time for you to get used to a new place and soon there will be even more new dancers feeling just like you did!

You must just keep determined and work hard no matter the circumstance, but be intellient enough to know if what you are doing is or isn't helping you progress. Sometimes, it is neccessary to talk to your teacher and let her know how you feel or whether you feel you are being held back. It might be for a good reason and they are giving you time to develop and fit into your new studio.

Remember, nothing in ballet can be achieved in an instance and it all takes a lot of time to improve. You are still very young, so don't panick just yet, but make the most of the classes you are given and if neccessary you can have quiet word with your teacher. You can be polite and give her lots of respect, but just say how keen you are to progress and want to ask if you are still on track to join the classes you perhaps would feel more challenged in.

Keep in touch!

Best wishes,

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