Audition Tips for The Royal Ballet School

by Krishell

Audition Tips for The Royal Ballet School

Hi Odette

Thank you for your tips on help and advice for auditions.
I am auditioning for the lower school for the Royal Ballet and I was lucky enough to get a private audition.

Could you please give me any advise on what they look for in the dancers they want for their school.
For the audition I have been asked to participate in their year 7 class.

I am 11 years old.



Reply by Odette

To:- Audition Tips for The Royal Ballet School

Hello Krishell,

Thank you for contacting me on audition tips, it is great to hear from you.

I think it is always best to get a private audition, as you get more attention and often you are able to get straight feedback from the school. Also, you get a better feel of the place because you join in their classes so you are able to see if you like the teaching and lessons.

Often in an audition with many candidates, it is harder to be noticed and it is easy to be missed by the panel. This can be more daunting too, as everyone is under pressure to succeed in the audition so there can be a more tense atmosphere.

The Royal Ballet School will look for dancers who have potential to develop into a professional dancer. The lower school is highly focused on building your technique and developing your strength as a dancer.

At such a young age, they want to see promising facility that can be developed through their training. This will include aspects like flexibility, turn out and foot shape. Often, these elements are features that come naturally to you which is why few dancers may make the cut for such a prestigious school.

If you have managed to get a private audition this most likely shows the school are interested in you. Therefore, they may be looking at your dancing quality in the audition too. So remember to enjoy, smile and dance as they want to see you able to perform.

Also, you are at an advantage having a private audition as you can observe the other dancers in the school and see what they look for.

The Royal Ballet school look for clarity in their dancers. The training emphasizes a very clean technique, including precise footwork and accurate placement. Therefore, remember what all your teachers have taught you and think about your corrections.

In a private audition, they will be observing you quite carefully so make sure you keep very focused and do your best to pick up the exercises quickly. Don't be afraid to ask questions if you are not sure.

Good luck! Please do let me know how it goes, I am sure all the other young dancers would love to hear how your audition went. How did you feel it went? What did you think of the school?

Keep in touch!

Best Wishes,


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Can I Be a Ballerina?
by: Anonymous

hi, i am desperate to have a ballet career but and i am going to apply to the upper school at the royal ballet next year but i have no idea whether ill be accppeted because i am a late starter. i started ballet at 13 but before i did contemporary for5 years and artistic gymanstics before. I am naturally very flexible( i can do the three splits and hava the flexibility to have a flat turnout but have trouble holding it) i also have very good high arches but again my feet lack strenght. I am not so good at spinning especially foettes and i need to work on my strenght and balance. Could these be improved over six months(i just turned 15 a month ago).
Will i be able to improve enough to be accepted?
I will work inceribly hard to significantly improve the standard of my ballet

Kyra 11 years old NEW
by: Anonymous

Hello, my name is Kyra and would like to be part of the Royal Ballet.
My mom thinks ballet is useless. I am still training to be a ballet dancer and to accomplish my dream.
My dad supports me ver well and told me that he was going to apply for the auditions.
I would like to know what kinds of exercises I need know that you.

Kyra 11 years old

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