Audition Tips - For Audition Disappointment

Audition Tips - For Audition Disappointment


I have just received disappointment from a dance school that I have not secured a place on their ballet course. I feel so terrible! I have been to 8 auditions for different places since I was 10 and I have only gotten into one of them. What is wrong with me and the way I dance? I love dancing so much, I work so hard, yet I am nearly always unsuccessful. I am so puzzled to why I don't get into dance schools when I try my best, don't give up and always enter auditions with a positive attitude. My friends think I am talented but no audition panel seems to, it's really getting me down.

I really do need some tips on how I can be a more successful dancer, and how I can get to the top, no matter what.



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Hi Orla,
Thanks for your message. I really understand how you feel right now, so I will do my best to help. It's not easy facing disappointment and it can come time & time again for dancers. You are left feeling defeated and mostly hard on yourself, but if it's the one thing you can control - it's your mind frame now and how to keep on fighting.

Clearly, you are left questioning yourself and confused to why this is happening. I can tell you, there have been several schools/ competitions/ companies that I haven't been successful in and thought to myself 'what more can I do?!!!!'. It happens to ALL dancers, even the most talented ones, but you can find the right path even if it means facing all this disappointment along the way.

I suggest focusing on building up your support network of teachers, mentors and your family to help progress your development. It's hard to do it all on your own, so be active and use the support of the people around you. Talk to your teacher for what more you can work on in class, find key figures like professional ballet dancers to inspire you, and use your family to help release your worries and encourage you to the right direction.

As well as the things you tell me you haven't done, or haven't got into, I'm sure there's equally a lot things you HAVE done as a dancer. List up the small accomplishments - exam? Good class? Improvement? Performance? And, remind yourself of what you have achieved, rather than focusing on the opposite.

Also though, you can use the past experiences as a learning curb and reflect ( but not too much) on what more you can do for next time, or check whether you are looking for the right schools for you as a dancer.

It sounds like you are doing everything you can, so keep going and keep an open-mind. Look around and research at all different types of schools and courses to see where else could be suited to you. There are tons of places to study, which could mean a lot of auditions and perhaps disappointment. Yet it also means the rare success to get something that is right for you.

Don't give up! Believe in yourself and trust your instincts. It is hard to face everything that's thrown at you as a dancer, but you will find your way.

Best wishes,

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Thank You
by: Orla

Thank you very much Odette, you are truly the best at giving dance advice. I am so grateful.


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