Audition Tips - Getting Chosen By Ballet Teachers

by Yezera
(Tasmania, Australia)

Audition Tips - Getting Chosen By Ballet Teachers

Dear Odette,
My dance teacher sends about 2-3 dancers to audition for the australian ballet interstate traning program. I try really hard to be picked but she dosen't notice me is their any way i could audition without my teacher?
THX Yezera


Reply by Odette
To:- Audition Tips - Getting Chosen By Ballet Teachers

Hello Yezera,
Thank you for your message, it's great to hear from you. I completely understand how you feel and must remind you to keep working hard no matter what, because we all have our moments when the time is right for us. Keep believing in yourself and have faith in your own ability.

If you really want to audition, I would pipe up the courage to talk to your teacher and ask for some feedback or corrections on what more you could to be in for a chance to get chosen. Especially in ballet, if you don't stand forward for yourself then it is easy to get lost in the crowd.

When I was younger, if I ever had a worry or something that really got to me, I tried to reflect first what I could do to improve the situation. Could I practice harder? Or focus in a specific correction for a while? Or even just allow time to help me improve. You can ask yourself these questions too.

I was also not afraid to communicate with my teachers and mentors, who were ultimately in charge of guiding me through my goals. You are allowed to ask questions and speak politely to your teachers from time to time, as well as giving them your full respect.

See what your teacher says first, then reflect on whether you could do the audition on your own.

Best wishes,

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