Audition Tips - What should I practice for Royal Ballet School?

by Alicia Castleton

Audition Tips - What should I practice for Royal Ballet School?

Hi Odette,
Next year I am hoping to audition for the royal ballet upper school. I was wondering if you can give me any tips on things to practice this year, do you know what will most likely be included in the audition? What do they look for in dancers and overall any hints and tips.
Thank you
Alicia Castleton.


Reply by Odette
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Hi Alicia,
Thanks for your message it's great to hear from you. I would focus on improving your overall strength in ballet class, so you aim to become more and more consistent in each exercise. The class will consist of the main combinations in each area of ballet so they can see where your strengths and weaknesses are. So, they will give you adage, pirouettes, petite allegro and grand allegro etc.

You want to practice being stable and secure, so you are confident in your technique for the exercises they give you. I would say they will most definitely give you a pirouette exercises from the corner, so make sure you are secure with doubles both sides. They will give you a grand allegro too, so work on your grand jetes and travelling movements.

I expect there will be a section of pointe work for the ladies too, so make sure you feel comfortable in center work with releves and pirouettes.

Mainly, they will be looking at your facility and potential to train you further in the school. Yet don't be discouraged or feel you are not good enough if it doesn't go to plan, because there are lots of dancers who have become a professional whom haven't been accepted by the Royal Ballet. There is so much competition and talent to get into the school, so I would audition for other upper schools around the UK too. There is Elmhurst School for Dance and English National Baller which provide top classical training as well.

I hope this advice helps you, let me know your thoughts and keep in touch!

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Best wishes,

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