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by catriona

Audition Tips- How To Be More Memorable: -

Hi Odette,
I am going for a ballet audition in the next few weeks and i am very nervous! i have not been doing ballet for as long as others so they have a more advantage and i would expect them to have a better technique than i have. I auditioned last year and never got in but i have worked hard and have improved over the last year. However i would just like to know what can i do to be memorable in my audition, what can i do to be noticed? Especially because i am not as trained as the other dancers! Please help !


Reply by Odette
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Hi Catriona,
Thank you for contacting me, I am so sorry for not replying sooner I have been dancing myself away on tour – so I do not know whether I am too late to give you advice for your audition?

Nevertheless, even if the audition has been and gone I can still give you some golden advice with how you can learn from the experience and still improve even more as a dancer.

An evaluation process is key for you after each audition or performance you do. That way, you can raise the standard of yourself even more each time.

Did you feel very nervous? If so, how did this affect your dancing? Which parts of the audition did you feel most confidence? Which steps were the most tricky or weaker? It is a very helpful process to reflect over your audition and give yourself an indication of what more you can work on.

As a dancer, there is always more you can improve on and will do many more auditions. Auditions are how you get opportunities, training and as you say, to be noticed as a dancer. I have done an endless amount of auditions from the age of 11 right up until my professional career, and still continuing.

Your nerves will never disappear in auditions because it is a nerve-wracking process, but this is also excited adrenaline that can give you positive energy. To calm any time you feel nervous, take a few deep breaths and close your eyes. Visualize yourself dancing in your mind and think about how confident you can feel, so you can control your mind and not let any nerves affect you.

There will always be other dancers who have a better technique, or more flexibility, or a higher jump... but YOU also have something unique over the other dancers too. You can spot your strengths and work on them to give you confidence and believe in yourself .

Whenever you are dancing, do not compare yourself too much to other dancers because this can just make you feel less confident. Of course you can use them to spur you on and work harder, but keep focused on yourself and have your own goal of what you have to work on.

Always enjoy your auditions and perform, because the judges will enjoy watching you if you are enjoying dancing. The technique is something that can always be improved, but they want to see potential in you not the ultimate perfection.

Just always do your best and keep confident in your eye focus, and you will gradually become more memorable in every audition you do.

Best wishes,

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