Audition Tips - Nervous and Worried

Audition Tips - Nervous and Worried

Hello :) my name is Rebecca
I am currently in a freak out mode because I am so lost and I need advice and help... On the 25th of August I am auditioning for a prestigious Performing Arts School for Dance. I LOVE ballet, I always have and always will. My only problem is my nerves. I get so nervous during auditions, concerts, competitions, you name it, I'm that girl puking in the bathroom terrified. The minute I'm on the stage though I really give it my all. But sometimes even on the stage I freak out a little and get myself tied up in knots. Another thing i need advice with is that I'm really not the strongest in my class, I practice hard, I stretch everyday but sometimes in class I just want to break down and cry. I'm worried about firstly not getting into this school and being heartbroken. Secondly about getting into the school and just being the worst dancer, or the weakest dancer, and not being able to do what the other dancers in the school can do. Please help me. And if you know any sites about how I can strengthen my body and feet, or flexibility tips I'd really appreciate it!
Thank you
Rebecca :) xx


Reply by Odette
To:- Audition Tips - Nervous and Worried

Hi Rebecca,
It is great to you from you. To start with, I completely understand every single feeling you describe and often at times I have felt extremely nervous or full of anxiety too. Yet it is almost too easy to let these fears, worries or nerves take over us and not let us see or think positive. But you must start now to do your best to believe in yourself and build your confidence.

The most important thing is, you love ballet. Whenever you begin to feel the nerves or fear, you must think back to this fundamental passion and let that take you forward to each step you have to accomplish.

If you visualize yourself before the audition or performance, you can imagine yourself really well and feeling full of confidence. Someone once told me there is no difference in your mind between imagining something and actually doing it. So, start to see in your mind that you can overcome your nerves and be all that you imagine to be.

Even if you are not the strongest in your class, you can still keep on working your hardest and have your different goals on what to improve. You must focus on yourself and not get too distracted by thinking about how much better the other dancers are. Every dancer peaks or improves at different times, so in a few months or even years you may find yourself becoming the strongest in your class.

One thing I am absolutely sure of in ballet is there are many disappointments. Whether it is a school, performance or company, you always find many ballet dancers not always getting the one thing they hoped for. Yet many ballet dancers do fulfill their dream and even if it wasn’t on the desired path, somehow a dancer can find their way.

Keep positive and calm your thoughts. Be confident and believe in yourself!

Best wishes,

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