Audition Tips for The Nutcracker

by Amy

Audition Tips for The Nutcracker

Dear Odette,

I'm really hoping to get the role of Clara in The Nutcracker next year and I really want to impress during my audition. I have both my splits but my arabesques still aren't where I want them to be (especially en pointe.) Do you have any tips to help me improve my arabesques?

Thank you,

Reply by Odette

Audition Tips for The Nutcracker

Hello Amy,

Thank you for contacting me, it is pleasure to hear from you.

The strength to hold a higher arabesque comes from your back muscles. Try placing your leg behind you on the barre in an arabesque to gain that extra bit of flexibility.

Keep practicing the splits too. Also, focus on achieving a higher leg every time you practice an arabesque, as you have to let your muscles go past the usual 'comfortable' height to gain more flexibility.

Aim to get the leg a little bit higher every time, as each time it will go that bit further. Once you can loosen up your muscles you can then focus on building the strength to hold the leg there.

Auditions are crucial to every dancer, as they can give us the opportunity to get lead roles or get noticed by directors. There is some great mental preparation you can do to get yourself prepared for your audition. Take a look at my audition tips page for extra guidance.

The most important thing is to have confidence within yourself and stay positive. You have to be confident with your own ability, as this self-assurance is sure to shine through to the people watching.

People like to watch dancers who love what they do, so be sure to let everyone see what passion you have for dancing!

Especially with a lead role like Clara, you need people to enjoy watching you dance and who don't feel nervous for you, so even if you have to pretend to look confident, gather the composure within yourself to relax and smile.

It is the partly the performance quality that will give you the chance of getting a leading role like Clara. The teachers will be able to correct technical faults or coach you to improve your solo.

However, it is very difficult to teach someone to perform and feel at ease on the stage. Therefore, you will impress in your audition if you show a sense of performance by being confident in your movements and showing enjoyment in your face.

Good luck!

All the best,


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