Ballet Dancing
The Inside Skills

Ballet dancing can be a real challenge if you don't have the right skills. You will be surprised to know these skills are not all physical, as a lot of it has to do with your mentality.

Lets just say, ballet dancing is harder than it looks. Dancers have to work very hard in order to succeed and talent alone is enough to become a professional dancer.

As well as knowing the 'Seven Secrets of Ballet', there are some other essential skills you have to know to achieve success in the ballet world.

A dancer can not be successful without technique, and similarly, a dancer can not be successful without being able to perform. Let me reveal to you the vital skills which every dancer has to have in order to succeed.

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Every dancer has to have the technical skills as well as having the performance skills.

Your ballet classes should to develop your technique and gradually build all the right strength to improve.

Pointe work is often seen as one of the most challenging part of ballet dancing, especially for young ballet dancers. It takes a lot of strength to rise up onto pointe and even more work as you progress to higher levels.

The longer you study ballet, the more natural pointe work will become. It soon becomes part of your technique and you are able to dance without pain or discomfort for your poor little toes!

But still, it is really important for dancers to take care of not just their feet but their whole body. Dance is a total physical workout. As beautiful as it may be, ballet is very tough on the body.

baller pre pointe

Remember, just like I did before I went en pointe, ballet students MUST take responsibility for their own strengthening prior to beginning pointe work.

Australian dancer, Lisa Howell has made a video which explains how pre-point strengthening works.

Don't leave it to your teacher!

You can watch this pre-pointe video yourself here
(just wait for the page to load up then the video is on the top right of the page).

ballet dancing

The technical skills require a lot of physical work, it takes a lot of hard-core training to achieve the end result. Dancers have to have a great deal of drive and determination, because ballet requires so many different skills it can put so much physical strain on the body.

Dancers get into the habit of taking each day as it comes and they always strive for more. Every dancer has to thoroughly push their body to it's maximum so that you know you are working every single muscle to it's fullest ability.

You will often find with many dancers that they have a natural gift to perform. No one can teach someone to dance with soul and spirit, as the passion has to come from no one else but the dancer.

The passion for every successful dancer is absolutely crucial. The feeling a dancer gets when they step onto stage in front of a beaming audience is so great and so rewarding, all the stress and hard work is left behind.

For the dancer, all that matters is that they are there on stage in that moment doing what you love. That is how you know you are in the right profession.

It is a true reality that ballet is a demanding career. You can use my guidance to follow the footprints of a professional dancer to become a flourishing success too.

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