Audition tips - Open and Private auditions?

Audition tips - Open and Private auditions?


I was wondering, what is the difference between an open and private audition? What exactly happens at a private audition as I have only attended an open one? Also, which type in your opinion do you feel is better? Thank you :) x


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to Audition tips - Open and Private auditions?

Thank you for contacting me, you ask a great question and a key part of auditions which I am sure many dancers would like to know more about.

Well, to begin with, it depends whether you are talking about an audition for a ballet company or a school. Both have open and private auditions, so I suppose we are talking along the same lines anyway.

However, for now, lets talk in terms of auditions for a ballet school because that is what most young aspiring dancers have to start with.

In a private audition for a ballet school, it will most likely be only you auditioning in the ballet class, but it will be with the students already at the school. So, you will be incorporated into their daily class and the ballet teachers or director will come into look at you.

In some cases, it may be just you with nobody else in the ballet class but mostly it is with the students of the school. This way, they can observe how you fit in with the standard of the other students and also it brings more immediate attention onto you than an open audition.

Whereas in an open audition, every single person in the room is auditioning and they are all aiming to win a place at the school. I have had experience with both open and private auditions, but for all of my auditions for a ballet school I did a standard open audition. All the dancer's went to the first round, then got selected for the further semi or final rounds.

I think private auditions tend to be more common when dancers are auditioning for a ballet company. This way, the director can personally look at your CV and see where you have trained, as well as observing you more in the class and giving personal feedback afterwards. Whereas in an open audition for a ballet company, it can be so easy to not be seen or eliminated before the end of class.

Personally, I would prefer to go to private auditions for ballet companies because you are with the dancer's of the company so you can get a feel to what the standard is like. However, schools are a different matter and open auditions seem to be more typical for places like a vocational dance school.

As long as you ARE auditioning, I think either way is a 50/50 choice to give you success at the audition as there are many pros and cons.

What do you think?
Best wishes,

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