Audition Tips - How can I not get so nervous?

by Savannah

Audition Tips - How can I not get so nervous?

Hi, My question is about auditions for Ballet Summer Intensives. I always get really nervous in the 15-30 minutes before the audition. I feel like I will mess up the whole time and make a fool out of myself. I don't know what to do. Im usually not like this, it's just in auditions, I love performing... What can I do about it?
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Reply by Odette
To:- Audition Tips - How can I not get so nervous?
Hello Savannah,

Thank you for contacting me, it is great to hear from you. You ask a very good question indeed, because I am sure every single dancer (even professionals) find that nerves can often get the better of them, or are searching for ways to control those nervous feelings.

One professional ballet dancer says she prefers to use the word 'anxious' rather than 'nervous', as every single performer will experience those butterflies yet some dancers can use it turn it into positive energy and let it give them adrenaline to perform.

I agree with you that auditions can often bring on the nerves more than when you are performing. Being on stage is what dancer's love to do , so the audition process can feel very uncomfortable for a lot of dancers. Yet you can work with ways to conquer these nerves with a few different tips.

First of all, you have to find some quiet time to yourself before the audition. Breathe deeply, even close your eyes, and visualise the audition going just how you want it to. See yourself in your mind dancing perfectly and not being nervous, but loving the limelight and not being afraid to show yourself as a dancer. During the 15-30 minutes where you get most nervous, really keep positive in your mind and do not let any thoughts of doubt come into your mind. It is important to keep positive, because often your mind is the thing which holds you back the most. Keep strong and just think to yourself, 'I have studied ballet for a long time now and I am perfectly capable of doing this audition and showing who I am as a dancer'.

When you get into the audition, do not tense up, but remain confident and try to enjoy it. Even if you do feel like a nervous wreck on the inside, do not show it, and keep dancing and be confident on the outside. If you love to perform, try to forget you are in an audition and imagine you are on stage performing.

A few more little tips to make a big difference to you as a dancer, is to keep your eye focus up. Especially when we get nervous, we tend to look down a lot and do not project our eye focus. Also keep your neck and upper body relaxed, as this is also the area that can tense up with nerves and it actually inhibits you from executing the steps. The more you hold back, the harder the steps feel, so do your best to gather all your courage and go for it.

Good luck and believe in yourself!

Best wishes,


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