AUDITION Tips - Key Secrets for Ballet

AUDITION Tips - Key Secrets for Ballet


I was just wondering if you had any KEY TIPS for me to be successful and positively minded during my audition this Sunday.
I am very, very nervous and I so desperately want to be accepted. I know that I must be very energetic and perform loads as I lack in flexibility.



Reply by Odette
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Hi Orla,
Thanks for your message. I hope I've managed to reply in time for your audition! I totally understand how you feel and you must stay calm in your audition. Have confidence and believe in yourself, despite your nerves. Don't let any thoughts of doubt or negativity cross your mind, you have to stay positive in your mind and enjoy this moment to perform.

Try to really go for it, even if you feel nervous. The teachers will see if you are hesitant and it's better to give your 110% effort than hold back because of fear. Trust me, you can always do more than you think you can!

Fight past your nerves and use the time to be shining in the limelight to perform. No matter the outcome, if you enjoyed it and know in yourself you tried your hardest then that is what matters most.

There wil always be a time you won't get what you want, or things didn't go how you wishes but the key is to not give up. You really must keep believing in yourself! Have confidence a dance with your fullest commitment.

Best wishes,

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