Audition Tips - Best Advice For a 5year Old

Audition Tips - Best Advice For a 5 year Old


It's always nice to read from your page. I have always been highly educated from your pieces. Thank you.
I've got two kids -5years old, going for a talent hunt sometime this month and also in May. The kid for May has her first audition by this month end and the next one, in April, before the main Show in May. Please, what would be your best advice for them both? Also, what prerequisite classes would you have them concentrate on now so they can come out tops?
Thanks for your prompt reply.
Ms Williams


Reply by Odette
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Hello Ms Williams,
Thank you for your message and lovely compliments, it is great to hear your feedback and of course I'm always happy to help.
It's such a young age, 5 years old, they are almost in a world of their own! Usually for an audition, I would emphasise the point to focus very seriously beforehand and mentally prepare to let go of the nerves and dance with confidence. To purely go for it.

Yet at just 5 years old, it's different and I would say to communicate with them more to help them feel ready and confident for the audition. Make sure they feel comfortable and if they shy away, then help boost how they feel by mentoring and almost spurring them on.

Even at a such young age, at a first glance, it's often very clear which of the dancers has confidence and a dynamic that sets them way above the rest in an audition. I have seen it myself, where they pick up the movement very fast and aren't afraid to be the leader - not the one who is copying or nervous to stand alone.

So, if you can somehow pass on these small skills then it will make a huge difference no matter what their dancing ability is like. Often, it is the dynmanics and assurance that comes across most strongly in auditions.

I would suggest to keep up the dance classes in preparation for the audition, so they are well practiced to dance infront of different people. If you can get them into good habits in the studio, then they will stand a better chance to shine in the audition.

Best wishes,

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