Auditon Tips - How to Encourage a Talented Ballerina

by Rachel

Auditon Tips - How to Encourage a Talented Ballerina

Dear Odette,
I am certainly not a ballerina. I am here asking about my friend. She is a beautiful 14 year old girl that has a bright future for you. Not only is she an amazing ballerina, but she also has the brains. She won a scholarship for American Heritage School(a pretty darn good school). She is an a dance academy too:) I think she should go above and beyond but I don't think she does. What do I do to help her get out of her comfort zone?


PS I love helping others and this is my opinion. Maybe she doesn't want to be a professional dancer


Reply by Odette
To:- Auditon Tips - How to Encourage a Talented Ballerina

Hello Rachel,
Thank you for your messgae, it is really interesting to hear from your point of view about your friend.

For any professional dance career, it absolutely crucial that it must be driven from the dancer themselves and it has to be clear this is what they want to do.

However, if it is a case she doesn't believe in herself then it is her inner confidence you need to build up first. There are so many knockbacks or times you feel like you aren't good enough as a ballet dancer, but if you have this strong mentaility and believe you can do it then that it is what makes all the difference to not let you giving up.

I think a ballet teacher plays a key role in pushing a dancer out of their comfort zone, as well as the dancer themselves. It is a teacher who acts as the main guide, mentor and person who can bring the best out of your ability.

Therefore, it is important to find a place in training that believes in your friend and gives her enough attention for her to see her own potential.

Most importantly, your friend has to be full of determination to pursue what she wants. If she wants a ballet career, then she has to push herself out of her comfort zone.

No matter how much you believe in her, she has to believe in herself! Every dancer needs a close network of support, so if you are able to give her this encouragement then that is a start.

Your friend is more than welcome to message me herself too if she is unsure. Or you both can look through my website, particularly the 'career development plan section if you are interested in seeing how you become a real professional ballerina.

Best wishes,

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