Career Development Plan - No Local Ballet Schools

Career Development Plan - No Local Ballet Schools

Dear Odette,

I'm currently 15 and have been taking Ballet classes since I was four years old and I have always been fascinated by it. But it's only recently that I have been more determined and focused. I am thinking about auditioning and attempting to get into a Ballet school but there aren't any that are right for me where I live (County Durham, UK).
I attend a dance school but it is more relaxed and I only have a one hour class a week due to the other lessons I do, also the training isn't what I need. It isn't advanced enough.

What should I do?


Reply by Odette
To:- Career Development Plan - No Local Ballet Schools

Thank you for contacting me, it is great to hear from you. I understand your trouble of trying to find more advanced classes within your area. It is hard when you want to begin studying more seriously, but no where to offer this to you.

I was lucky that I had a local dance school near my area which offered a range of standards, so I was able to take ballet more seriously if I wanted to. However, there was also one weekly class I took which was evidently more serious and at a different location. It was every Saturday, so there was no school to get in the way the travels to get there.

Many ballet schools offer Saturday dance classes and at such places which will allow you to take it more seriously. Some of the locations are the Northern Ballet Academy in Leeds and Scottish Ballet in Glasgow. I know this locations are still greatly out of your way, but if you want to get more training then it is opens another option for you. Perhaps you can trial a weekly course during your half term, or in the summer break.

Have a think and talk to your family too. I am sure together you can come to a few options to give you some choices.

Best wishes,

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