Career Development Plan - Should I take the path for Professional Ballet?

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Career Development Plan - Should I take the path for Professional Ballet?

I have been dancing since i was 2 and am currently 15. I am good at dance, but I am not great and I wish to make a career out of dancing professionally. I have a drive and passion for dance that I cannot seem to shake. I tell myself that I should work hard and I do, but I am still aware that I am not good enough to compete. I work on improving my technique and form, but it is a slow and agonizing process.
When I enter the studio, I only think about dance and trying to excel in it for 2 hours. I will start my job in March and will be able to have access to better resources, but I have to help my mom get heat for our house first.
I am in a position that limits what I do, but I still try to reach past those limits. I want to go to a dance school that pushes me to my breaking point.
Should I continue dancing and take the chance I want to take? Or should I realize that I am not a great and continue down a different path?
finally, are there any schools that I could go to to improve my dancing?


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Hello Katy-Anne,
Thank you for contacting me, it is great to hear from you and your story. Although aspiring dancers do have to be realistic and judge their own abilities, try not to be too hard on yourself because you don't want to loose your confidence. No matter which direction you go, it is always more encouraging to look at your positive sides and realise you are good enough.

There's nothing to stop you dancing, even if it isn't as a professional career. I am not able to see your current facility, but many dancers love to take ballet as a serious and fun hobby. A professional career is very tough, even for the most talented dancers, so always remember its not you that's not good enough. This profession is just highly competitive and full of young dancers aspiring for the same goal.

However, I don't think you should stop dancing! If it is still possible within your circumstances, then keep the lessons up. As regular as possible and don't be afraid to talk to your teacher and find out if she sees potential in you as a professional.

Dancers in general can naturally be self-critical to produce the best out of themselves, but if you let it go too far then you begin to lack the enjoyment and fun that ballet has always brought to you!

Keep the hard work up. You are still young and have many possibilities to come. Whether it is in ballet or not, you will have to talk to your teachers and family to build the support network you need.

There are many serious dance schools around the US, you can look at my y ballet companies page to get the names of the associated schools with the main places around the world.

Best wishes,


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