Career Development Plan - Boarding at Summer Intensives

by Rebecca Dally

Career Development Plan - Boarding at Summer Intensives

Hi Odette!! I just got an email last night saying I got accepted into the Ballet Chicago Summer Course, which is 5 weeks long. However, my mom says I can't go unless I board there, and she says I'm too young. (I'm 12) I respect Mom's opinions, but I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to attend the summer course!!! How do I change my mom's mind??? :) Thank you so much!!!


Reply by Odette

Career Development Plan - Boarding at Summer Intensives

Hello Rebecca,

Thank you for contacting me, it is great to hear from you.

Firstly, congratulations! This is a fantastic achievement, you must be very pleased.

It is understandable that your mom thinks you are too young, and of course she has a right to be anxious about you going away for 5 weeks. However, this is such an incredible opportunity I really feel you should go for it. You will learn so much and really grow as a dancer.

How do you feel about boarding? If you feel confident that you will be ok and not too homesick, then reassure your mom that you are prepared to board.

It will also be great experience for you to live away from home for a while, as you will become more responsible and independent. I went away to boarding school at 11 to train at an elite ballet school, it was very hard and I got terribly homesick, but it made me appreciate my family so much more and I am very grateful for all the opportunities.

If something makes you this excited, then you have to pursue it! It will be a great adventure, so just sit down and explain all this to your mum. Be confident, as your mom may feel more persuaded if you are assured within yourself.

However, if your mom says no then try not to be too disheartened. Think about how great it is that you even got accepted on the course! This is a great achievement! There will be more opportunities, so do not worry.

All the best,


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