Career Development Plan - Ballet System

Career Development Plan - Ballet System

How does the system work? How can I be able to go into a company? Do I have to start in a small company or can I start into a big company like ABT(America Ballet Theatre)?Should i go into a high school with dance as major? But after I graduate from a high school what will I do next? Do I go back to my studio? What will I do afterwards?


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Thanks for your message, that certainly is a lot of questions! I hope my website can help guide you and answer many of your thoughts. You would benefit from reading my Personal Development Plan , which will take you clearly through the steps of a ballet dancer to join a ballet company.

The journey of where a ballet dancer trains and at what ages varies for each dancer. Typically, dancers will start training seriously from as young as 11 at a vocational dance school. Others join later at aged 16, but it is vital to get full time training in order to join any type of ballet company.

Ballet dancers usually graduate into a company at aged 18, although its extremely tough to join one as the competition is very high and the standard is even higher.

Since you have many questions left to be answered, I would love you to read my new eBook "7 Virtues of a Professional Ballet Dancer". If you don't want to get the whole book, you can just buy the sections to try it out. You can choose which virtue is most suited to you and be guides through your goals in ballet.

Keep in touch!

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