Career Development Plan - Body for a Dancer?

Career Development Plan - Body for a Dancer?

I look around at the dancers in this world today and see 5'8" 125 pounds of pure muscle and grace. Then I look at me... 5 feet even, 138 pounds. I've been trying to eat right, I jog every morning, and I do a "circuit" every night. Somehow, I still seem to be the biggest girl in class, and therefore, never partnered with anyone. What am I supposed to do to be the "perfect prima ballerina"? Is there a diet book or something I can follow?


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Thank you for contacting me it is a pleasure to hear from you. Yes, when you see professionals today their bodies are perfectly sculpted to the body of dancer, but don’t forget dancers are not born with a naturally sculpted body for dance. Although some dancers have more natural facility than others, everyone still has to work their bodies through intense, regular training in order to achieve lengthened, strong bodies.

You have to work with the body you’ve got, so whether you’re smaller or taller, you can work this body to the maximum and produce a fine body for dance. Even though the dancers in the world today may all look the same, everyone one of them has individual body shape and physical range.

Keep up the aerobic exercise, as this is great for your fitness and stamina. Swimming is always favored by dancers, as it works all of the muscles without the body getting too stiff or tight. Also pilates or yoga is good for the core strength to tone and lengthen the muscles.

When it comes to diet, I always recommend dancers to keep up a healthy, balanced eating plan. This doesn’t mean you have to cut out your favourite foods, but balance is the key and eating healthily will eventually become a natural habit you don’t even need to think about. Make sure you drink lots of water and green tea is very good for you too.

Even though it is completely natural for dancers to become conscious of their bodies, try to not to get overly worried with it. Keep working hard and like with anything you do, it takes time and patience to see any results. You want to keep positive in your mind and keep enjoying dance, as you perform much better when you feel happier.

Best wishes,

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