Career Development Plan - Make a Start at Ballet?

by Monique
(Breukelen, The Netherlands)

Career Development Plan - Make a Start at Ballet?

Hi Odette, Where do start if you've never done ballet before and want to make a start? My name is Monique and I've always loved ballet ever since I was a little girl. Through certain circumstances I never had the opportunity to dance, I'm 19 now and I guess way too old now to start but I want to anyway even if it's just for fun.

I want to now where I should start to learn the basics of ballet to get started, and is it worthwhile?



Reply by Odette

To:- Career Development Plan - Make a Start at Ballet?

Hello Monique,

Thank you for contacting me it is great to hear from you.

It is a great idea you want to get started in ballet, especially if you love it. The passion is most crucial in deciding whether it is worthwhile! It is true that ballet is a challenge and demanding on both the mind and the body, but if you love it then it is all worth it.

Ballet is a career that has to be started at a young age, but if you are happy to do it just for fun then you have the right attitude! In fact, doing ballet as hobby can be even more enjoyable as there is not so much pressure as you are doing it purely for the fun and enjoyment.

You want to start by finding yourself some regular ballet classes around your area, perhaps at a local dance school. Find a class that suits your level, as you want to make sure the teacher can guide you through the basics.

It is important to have a teacher to help you learn the basics of ballet. Although you have to be very self-motivated to progress in ballet, it is the teacher who can bring out your maximum potential.

Of course there will be times in your ballet class when you think, this is so hard! Why am I doing this! But then, when you grasp the movements and feel yourself dancing in sync with the music .... it is magical and all worthwhile.

Ballet makes you feel so good and you can really release yourself to forget everything else and just dance.

Enjoy and work hard!

Best wishes,


ps. To become the best dancer you can be, learn the Seven Secrets ..... go to my 'Seven Secrets of Ballet' page

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