Career development Plan - Tips for late starters

Career development Plan - Tips for late starters

I need some motivation to follow my dream to become a point ballerina. I was forced to take ballet as a young girl and quit when I had the oppourtunity. Now I have learned to love ballet and I long to dance again. It's all I can think about! Do you have any tips or suggestions for me? I feel like the ballet community doesn't look highly on late beginners. Everything is working against me- my family doesn't understand why I want to take ballet so bad, I can't find a studio that accepts late beginners, and I'm not the petite girl I once was. How can I built my confidence to not let any opposing force crush my dream?


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Thank you for your message it's good to hear from you. I'm sure there are many positive things working your way too. However, from a ballet point of view I can see why you might be feeling discouraged and eager for a solution.

The first thing I suggest, is to take one step at a time. You can't overwhelm yourself with all the many things you need to do, because they will be impossible to achieve all at once!

You are right that starting late in ballet won't always go in your favour, but if you LOVE it then who says it's too late?! You don't neccessarily have to fulfill a professional career in order pursue your passion for ballet.

You can take weekly classes and progress without the pressure, but instead keep it as a hobby. However, first, you will need to find your parents approval because as a younger dancer they will be the main people to support you. You need their help to take you to classes, pay for the lessons and encourage you too.

I'm not sure of your age, but I suggest you research more on ballet schools that will accept you and offer you classes. You will find the more serious ballet schools may have age boundaries, but if there is a dance school locally to you then I'm sure they would be more flexible with late beginners.

That's all for now - but please do search around my site. There are pages of tips and advice that will be very helpful to you. Keep in touch!

Best wishes,

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