Career Development Plan - Ballet Dancers in a New Class

by Holly

Career Development Plan - Dealing with Confidence in a New Ballet Class

Hi again Odette,

So after I enjoyed ballet so much, I have recently started RAD. However, I have never done this before but my teachers said I would be capable of starting in the Grade 6 RAD class. I enjoy the class but everyone in there is so experienced and advanced that I feel slightly out of place. I don't want to move down into a lower class because I am determined to be able to do it. But sometimes I feel slightly uncomfortable and embraced in the class when they are able to do things that I really struggle with.

Could you please give me some advice on what to do please??
Thank you Odette

Love Holly xxx


Reply by Odette
To:- Career Development Plan - Dealing with Confidence in a New Ballet Class

Hi Holly,
Thank you for your message, I'm really pleased you contacted me. I feel like I absolutely understand your situation!

Especially when I became a professional ballet dancer, I was suddenly surrounded by all these experienced professionals who were much older than me. I was only 19 and felt slightly intimidated by them, even though they were really nice people.

However, I had to build up my confidence and not let my mind hold me back. You can do this too. I know it feels out of your comfort zone to be with the more advanced class, but you must push through in order to get the most benefit from you as a dancer. Otherwise, it could hold you back hugely.

You must alter your mentality, so you are able to bring the best out of yourself in the classes. Trust me, it is all in your mind! You have to stay entirely focused on yourself. You can observe and learn from watching the others, but not in a way that it is making you feel unconfident or worse in yourself. You have to believe in your ability and know your teacher would not have put you in that class if you were not capable of it.

Don't be nervous, or scared inside either. This will just making everything twice as hard. When you feel tense, you panick in your muscles and you hold back from the movement. Then, of course you won't be dancing as well as you could.

So, knock out the fear and tell yourself 'just do it' or 'go for it'. It may take time to adapt, but you must keep your whole energy on yourself and don't let yourself be so concerned to what the others are doing. I expect they have their own worries and doubts anyway!

Let me know if this helps at all, but please keep in touch!

Best wishes,

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