Career Development Plan - Is starting ballet at the age of 15 is possible?

by Reiko Shimizu

Career Development Plan - Is starting ballet at the age of 15 is possible?

Hi Odette!

My name is Reiko and I'm from Indonesia. I'm in love with ballet since I was in elementary,I studied for one year when I was 6 to 7 years old and I quit because I dislike the choreography and the techniques when I was taught by the teacher was totally wrong (the 1-5th position of feet). Until today,I'm almost 15 years old,I founded some ballet classes,but mostly there are no beginner class for teenagers,how sad it is. Also,my parents don't allow me to take ballet classes. They said that ballet made the posture of my feet worse,or it means when I walk,my feet is opened like a duck. Now,it seems that my hope to be a professional ballerina is fading away.

Do you have any suggestions that can help me so I still can continue to learn ballet even though I'm not allowed to take ballet classes? Thank you


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To:- Career Development Plan - Is starting ballet at the age of 15 is possible?

Hello Reiko,
Thank you for contacting me, it is great to hear from you. I am really inspired by your love of ballet and I wish for you there were more ballet classes available to share your passion in dance.

You really would have to start training seriously now to become a professional ballet dancer. It takes so many years to build the strength at an elite level for ballet. It is much harder than most people think to pursue a professional career.

You can absolutely still enjoy ballet as a hobby if you are able to take lessons a few times a week. Then, you can practice in your own time and keep inspired by reading or watching ballet videos online. There is so much you can learn about ballet, it is a fascinating form of dance.

However, I really would suggest you get at least a few formal ballet lessons to keep you properly educated on the technique. Try talking to your parents and explain how intersted you are in learning ballet.

If you are passionate about something, it can lead you onto great things even if you do not know what it may be.

Best wishes,

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