Ballet Dancers - Evening Shoes Styles for Ballerinas

Ballet Dancers - Evening Shoes Styles for Ballerinas


I wanted to know, please, what kinds of shoes ballet dancers can wear when they go out for dinners or dancing outside of the theatre, as they notoriously have difficulties with injuries and blemishes.

Thank you very much!


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Thank you for contacting me, it is a pleasure to hear from you.

It is true that ballet dancers have to think carefully about their footwear, and there is not a lot of excitement for killer heels or the latest designs as comfort is what is most important for dancer's feet.

Of course you could wear the latest design of high heels, but only if you take the responsibility of feeling the pain the next day! Ballet dancers will take it upon themselves to think sensibly about their footwear, as it is important to look after their precious feet. Especially because ballerinas wear pointe shoes all day long, it becomes neccessary to find comforting shoes for all occassions possible.

There are often many dinners or after events for ballet dancers to go to, so it is not always possible for the ballerina's to wear their comfty slippers! But usually, inbetween rehearsals and walking around the theatre, you will find ballerina's wearing a wolly pair of socks or slipper boots. Also, supportive flip flops and trainers are a popular choice of shoe for a dancer's everyday life.

Ballerinas can find themselves a simple pair of heels, not too high, and without any pointed toes or styles that will bring discomfort for the toes. Or even a smart pair of flat shoes that suit the occassion, as often with any sort of ankle injury dancers will want to avoid wearing heels.

Dancer's will also become aware that their toes are not the most flattering to display! Not the case with all ballerinas, but a fair amount of dancer's have bunions or blisters on their toes.

Smart boots can be a popular choice for dancers. You can find a smart pair of boots that provide more support than other shoes, and often boots look quite smart so they are a good choice for an evening out.

I hope this answered your curiosity! Please do keep in touch and let me know what more you discover.

Best wishes,


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