Ballet Dancers - Ginger Smith

by Jacqueline

Ballet Dancers - Ginger Smith

Ballet's most fearless ballerina. Ginger always inspires me with her grace. She has never hesitated on stage. NEVER.


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Ginger Smith is a ballerina with Ballet Arizona. Smith is currently 23 years old and has studied ballet from a young age. From the ages 11 to 17, Smith trained more seriously at the School of Ballet Arizona.

The School of Ballet Arizona is a pre-professional school attached to the company and it focuses on preparing students for a professional dance career. The school has a strong association with the company and many of the students get the chance to perform with the company in the corps de ballet.

Ginger Smith began ballet at the age of 3, worked through school until 18 and has risen to the top wit Ballet Arizona after four years.

It is clear that Ginger Smith is very passionate about dance. There are many interviews and quotes with Ginger Smith that show she has always remained driven to pursue a dance career.

Ginger Smith seems to have something special that captures the delight of both the audience and those around her. This is what you need to reach the top, you need that extra something special that distinguishes you from the rest of dancers.

Listen to what Ginger Smith has to say about her performances -

"Audiences don't leave a performance remembering specific steps, but the feeling you get. That's what's important: the feeling."

"After so many years concentrating on learning the steps, and learning not to show the physical pain of dancing, but Giselle is all about being vulnerable. I want to do it in my own way. I think of personal life experience. We can relate to the emotions she would feel. I try to let how I would feel in that situation come out naturally."

Here are some interesting quotes by Ginger Smith that can inspire other young dancers with a dream to dance -

"I never think about ambition," Smith says. "I don't think about where I want to go or what I want to accomplish, so, when it comes, it's a happy surprise. I feel less pressure that way."

"I never had doubts about what I wanted to do with my life."

A true inspiring ballerina.

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