Ballet Dancers Turn Out - Role Models

Ballet Dancers Turn Out - Role Models


It may sound like a strange question but I was just wondering if you knew any ballet dancers with not so good turnout. I feel as if I would feel more confident about my turnout if I could see a dancer who was a bit like me, instead of one with long long legs and flat turnout. Thank you.



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Hi Orla,
Thanks for your message it's great to hear from you and I think you ask a very good question. I certainly find it perhaps even more encouraging when I see professional ballet dancers who aren't absolutely 'perfect', but have become successful and overcome their own weaknesses.

In fact, I believe that mostly every professional dancer has weaker areas and not everyone naturally has the facility for 'flat' turn out. I have worked with lots of dancers who have an average range of turn out, but still become sucessful as a dancer.

I can't think of any 'famous' names of dancers having less turn out, because actually most of the time you won't be able to tell exactly how much turn out a professional has by watching them perform on stage. I know in pictures they may look perfect with flat turn out, but it's not always the case!

Especially professional ballet dancers have trained for years to work with their body and I would say they've learnt how to 'disguise' their weaknesses, so you wouldn't be able to tell what areas they are less confident on.

Trust me, there are ballet dancers out there who do not have the longest legs or best turn out and they have become successful over the others who have all the natural assets.

To have the right physical ability is just one factor, but there is much more to it to help you become a dancer.

Have confidence and learn yourself how you can highlight your strengths and target your weaknesses.

Best wishes,

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thank you
by: Orla

Thank you very much, Odette, you never fail to give me inspiring advice once again.

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