Ballet Dancers - When is it too late to join?

by Erin
(New York, New York USA)

Ballet Dancers - When is it too late to join?

Dear Odette,
Ever since I was young, I've always loved ballet! My fondest memories are of seeing swan lake or the nutcracker ballet. I always wanted to start dancing, but never had the opportunity. I've trained myself on my own for four years now. I bought my own shoes and made a makeshift studio out of my attic! I already play three sports and train minimum 4 hours a day. But, I've never had any professional dance training and I'm already 14. Plus, I'm really curvy. I'm a C-cup and still growing, and even though I exercise and watch my weight carefully, if I stopped exercising I'd easily gain 20 lbs. It's not because I drink soda or anything; I just have a ridiculously slow metabolism. I've worked so hard at dancing for a good part of my life, but is it too late to start now?


Reply by Odette
To:- Ballet Dancers - When is it too late to join?

Hello Erin,
Thank you for your message, I am pleased you contacted me. To start with, I am inspired by your dedication to learn ballet by yourself. The fact you are trying to pursue this passion on top of your other sports and with your own facilities, it already says a lot about your determination and enthusiasm.

No matter whether if it is too late, I really encourage you to find proper ballet classes to help progress your training. It is superb you have done ballet by yourself for so many years, but now it is the time to train with a teacher if you want to take ballet one step further.

I do not know whether this is possible for you with all your other sports or the finance and finding dance classes, but it sounds like you have enough passion to make it worthwhile.

Of course, it is not too late to start ballet now as a hobby. It may feel a challenge against other dancers who started a lot younger than you, but if you push through the challenge you will gain wonderful results.

Whether you mean is it too late in terms of a ballet career, then this is a whole other situation.It would prove extremely tough to catch up with the thousands of professionally trained student who even themselves find it hard to pursue a career.

It is not too late to join as a hobby if you are prepared to work hard and find a good local dance school where you will learn, inspire and improve in your dancing.

I hope this clears your thoughts and feel free to message me anytime, I am happy to help you.

Best wishes,

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