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by A.N

Dear Odette,I want to ask ,how don't feel stress in ballet lessons? I feel stress in other situations of life. I am always stressful and feel pressure.I'm afraid that I forget what my teacher show and then I forget, or I haven't memory. When I feel stress, I can't concentrate.When I don't concentrate, my teacher says , that there is no sense to teach me. Then it is worse me.When I do movements together with teacher, it is better, but if teacher looks to me, I forget even how to begin. What to do? How to memory names of movements and technique?
Another question is- I can't to do turnout correctly in legs positions and movements.My hips turn only a little.How improve turnout? I try to do frog, but I can't to do. I feel pressure in muscles and in hips.Is it right, I will may to do splits only when I will do correct turnout? Now I can't to do splits. I want to be more flexibility. Please, advise me how to improve it.Thank You.



Reply by Odette

Hello A.N,
Thank you for contacting me it's great to hear from you. Firstly, do not worry. As a dancer, I can relate to how you are feeling about being stressed or overwhelmed during your ballet class. You must remember, it all takes practice and the more time you give yourself in ballet classes the more confident you will begin to feel.

You can change your approach to your ballet classes, so instead of panicking if you forget something, you can remember the lesson is a chance to learn and improve so you can make it better next time.

Your turn out depends on your own personal facility and you may feel more flexible in one years time when you have had the chance to practice more in ballet.

For now, keep stretching to keep your muscles elongated and remember your turn out initiates from the backs of your legs (glutes). You do not need to force your turn out by your feet, because it can improve as you strengthen your leg muscles in ballet.

Keep working hard and give yourself time to improve, whilst also keeping a positive approach.

I have given a lot of advice of turn out and flexibility, so take a look around my site and gather the guidance which can help you improve.

Best wishes,

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