Ballet Exercises - Back to Basics

Ballet Exercises - Back to Basics

Dear Odette,
Today I had a new teacher at my ballet school. When we were having regular technique class it was fine, I even got a number of compliments on how well I was doing as well as a number of helpful corrections, but when pointe came around, the teacher decided that I should stay at the barre for the whole class with all of the beginners. What can I do to get better faster and make the best out of this experience? Right now I feel as if I've taken fifty steps backwards.



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Hi Mica,
Thanks for your message, I am glad you contacted me. Sometimes, we all just need that one person to help guide us along and help our train of thought. I certainly needed this throughout my time as a dancer, so never be afraid to open up and ask for help!

Firstly, it is really fantastic the teacher took some time to focus on you in your technique class. Remember how great it felt to get those compliments and hold onto those corrections she gave you.

Next, I completely understand how you feel about going 'back to basics' with pointe. You probably feel like you are capable to moving beyond the beginners and into center work. Generally speaking, sometimes you will not always be able to see or understand the reason why teachers do certain things.

However, I am sure there must be some logic to why the teacher put you back at the barre and I know you can work even harder this way. There is often nothing more helpful then going back to basics. It gives you a chance to focus back on the main technique like posture, alignment and strength which are all key to progressing you as a dancer. The stronger your basic technique is, both the more stable and assured you will look.

Even though you may feel you are going backwards, don't let your mind bring these negative thoughts because actually you can get great practice out of being at the barre. In fact, no matter what you are dancing in ballet as long as you do it with 100% work, clarity and precision it is well worth it.

Remember all these points and keep that inner confidence inside yourself that you know you can do anything you put your mind to. The key things are patience and persistence!

Best wishes,

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