Ballet Exercises - BIG ballerina MJ

by Melinda

Ballet Exercises - BIG ballerina MJ

i weight 145 pounds! and im only 11! i have big thighs and big tummy and everything. my mom says i just have lots of muscle in my legs and that i have good posture so it doesnt even look like i have one. but i really want to lose 20 pounds for my own health and so i can be a better ballerina. problem is i dont know where to start i need lots of help. i have gone to the doctor for when i was sick but he said nothing to me nor my mom about my weight?


Reply by Odette
To:- Ballet Exercises - BIG ballerina MJ

Hi Melinda,
Thank you for contacting me, it's great to hear from you. The first thing I want to say, is slow down! I can see you are quite worried about your weight, but just take a step back and breathe... because the more you panick, the more stressed you will feel.

You are just 11. This means, you are young (and have much to be happy about!), but also you will still see your body change. As you grow, mature and develop you never know how your body may lengthen out or change. It's not to say your body is stuck the way it is forever right now, because there are lots of changes that can happen in a young girl's body.

I would never go to big extremes to loose weight, especially when you are young. You must look after your body for the future and always take sensible actions that are healthy and good for you.

Don't forget, muscle does weigh more so you can't always judge by what the scales say. If you are really worried and want to make a change, I would say you could see a nutritionist as well as the doctor again to forumlate a plan to help.

Also, stay in close touch with your mom or family because they are the people who will always be there to help you.

For me, I would say to keep exercising regularly with cardio like swimming, running or cycling. You can start to follow a healthy eating plan whilst your young too, which will be great for when you are older and already used to eating well.

It doesn't mean eating nothing, it means you can fuel your body with the right foods to make you feel and look good. You can fill up on fruits, vegetables, fish, lean meat, eggs and wholemeal carbs like brown pasta or brown bread.

Always make sensible choices and remember it is not worth getting so tied down with how you should look for ballet, or generally. You have to be confident with yourself and be full of joy, especially when you are 11!

Don't worry, but take small actions to make a change.

Best wishes,

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