Ballet Exercises - Dancing In The Cold Winter

by Tess
(Brooklyn, NY, USA)

Ballet Exercises - Dancing In The Cold Winter

Hi Odette! I am a ballet student who has been working on being a better dancer for as long as I could remember. I stretch everyday and practice ballet after school, but its really cold where I live in Brooklyn and its been limiting my ways to do more to help my flexibility and strength as a dancer. What are some of your tips?


Reply by Odette
To: - Ballet Exercises - Dancing In The Cold Winter

Hi Tess,
Thank you for your message, it's great to hear from you. I understand what you're saying, as even when it's slightly colder in the studio or winter outside I can also feel a difference in my body.

First things first, keep warm in your ballet clothes. Obviously, most ballet schools expect students to strip off their baggy warm ups and wear just tights and leotards for class, but this doesn't stop you keeping warm beforehand. You can get a good set of leg warmers and cosy layers to keep your muscles warm.

If you're able to keep leg warmers on whilst you practice or stretch, this won't hinder your improvement but it will help as your muscles won't get cold as fast.

You will also benefit most when your body is already active and ready to go before class if you're focusing on flexibility and strength. So, you want to try and do an aerobic warm up to get your heart is pumping and your muscles are truly warm. You want to do some cardio like skipping or running before your class, so you start already physically warm and it doesn't take until the end of barre to feel good in your muscles.

Mainly, I suggest to get moving when you feel cold and you'll feel much better. Even during class, if the teacher stops a lot to correct you might get cold so keep practicing at the side to keep your muscles engaged.

I hope these tips help, but it is hard for dancers to work in cold conditions so do your best given the circumstances.

Keep in touch!

Best wishes,

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