Ballet Exercises - Grand Jete Split Jumps

by Erica

Ballet Exercises - Grand Jete Split Jumps

I'm Erica and I've been a passionate dancer for 13 years. However my grand jetes are really bad. I can do a split on the ground but my legs don't split when I jump. Also, I have trouble lifting myself in the air. I never go high in the air. I feel like my feet are magnetic to the ground. What is something I can do to gain height in my jumps and split in the air? Also in my tilt jumps my bottom leg keeps bending and the bottom foot never goes off the ground. How can I stop that?


Reply by Odette
To:- Ballet Exercises - Grand Jete Split Jumps

Hello Erica,

Thank you for your message, it’s great to hear from you. Firstly, there is a very helpful page dedicated to ballet jumps here, so make sure you have a look for extra tips.

For grand jetes, it is a ballet move which comes more natural to some than others. It is possible to increase your jump to get a better split, but it will take time to improve so don’t give up! My split jump was never as impressive as some of my class mates, but I did see a gradual progression with these tips:

1. Don’t forget the importance of your preparation. To jump up high in the air, you have to start somewhere right? Without a powerful pile to soar yourself up, you will not go anywhere near as high as you can. Make sure you fire up your muscles and put a lot of energy in the steps before reaching the jump, because this will lift you up in the air more.

2. Split those legs fast! It may feel like you are trying your best to split your legs, but trust me you can always do more. As soon as you feel yourself off the floor, split your legs apart with dynamic energy to reach the split.

3.Take your hips up! One of my top teachers once said it is the hips which are the most important part in your body to travel and jump. You must therefore think you taking your hips up in the air when you jump for a split jete.

For me, those 3 tips are key. You won’t be able to apply them all in one lesson, it is a gradual process to see each one put into practice. Every little helps, so make sure you think about these tips in every class for your grand jete.

Best wishes,

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