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Ballet Exercises - More flexible .
by: Anonymous

Hi ,
So I do cheerleading but I notice that a lot of dancers are really flexible I have been stretching for at least an hour everyday since August of 2011 and I'm seeing no results in my left leg , the leg I need most flexible , I'm becoming very upset with my self , I put my foot in a dog leash and pull my leg towards my body and I get really close but still nothing I do the splits often , I know your more of ballet than cheer but if you could help me out with some stretches that would be great.


Reply by Odette
To:- Ballet Exercises - More flexible .

Hello there,
Thank you for contacting me it is a pleasure to hear from you. Flexibility is a gradual process and something that is achieved with regular practice. It is also a case of strength as to have your muscles really loose you must have strength in them as well.

Keep determined to gain more flexibility if that is what you want and make sure you are challenging yourself with the stretches to see more results. When you are stretching, make sure you hold the stretch for a at least 20 seconds and breath deeply while you hold the position. Try the splits on both the left and right side, also box splits. If this feels comfortable for you, then try putting your front leg on a higher step so you can have a deeper stretch. But be careful too as you do not be too extreme with your body because you do not want to tear your muscles or make them painfully sore.

It is most beneficial to stretch whilst your muscles are warm so try and find some time after your classes to maximum the range in your stretches.

Do not be too hard on yourself and keep positive that you will make an improvement. Talk to your teacher as well and listen to her guidance, as she may even be able to show you some good stretches too.

Best wishes,

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