Ballet Exercises - How Can I Improve My Line?

Ballet Exercises - How Can I Improve My Line?

I have been doing ballet for 7 years now and I love it. I don't have great difficulties in jumpy steps, but I often struggle with achieving a good line in adage. Would you please be able to recommend something I can do to strengthen and improve my line?
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Thank you for contacting me, it is really great to hear from you. For you, jumps seems to be easier for you and adage not, butit is the opposite for me and creating a good line has always been much more natural for me than jumpy steps. So, I can definitely give you some of my own tips on improving your line.

Each of us has a different body to work with, so you have to gradually become familiar with your own body and work with your lines to improve them.

The main trick is, to really fulfill each position and give each one full value. Don't just pass through the positions, but make a statement with each movement and this will give your lines a cleaner and more assured look.

For example, an arabesque can create a beautiful line if you really perform it with energy and think about the position right from your finger tips right to the ends of your toes.

In adage though, it is the fluidity of movement which you are aiming to achieve as well as the line. The strength in this comes right from barre, even just in tendus, where you are working through the leg lines and co ordination in the body.

All the way through your ballet class, try to think about shaping each movement and placing your muscles into the right place to ultimately achieve a better line.

It takes time, but if you work in the right way you can improve your line. I hope this helps and if there is anything else, please feel free to express your thoughts!

Best wishes,

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